About Us

We will do everything possible to make your visits to our office convenient and comfortable. We want to earn and keep your trust by providing the quality of dentistry you require and deserve.

Good oral health begins with the health of your bones and gum tissue and supporting structure of your teeth. We look at these fundamentals as part of your lifetime of a beautiful and healthy smile. Then we look at how your smile can be enhanced. We believe in the theories of modern dental care that through proper preventive care and regular checkups, it is highly likely that you will keep all of your teeth for all of your life.


"Our ultimate goal for our patients is to help them maintain their oral health for maximum comfort, function, and esthetics. In our caring atmosphere, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality dentistry available, for a life changing experience for our patients and staff."


We are dedicated to the concept that people should have the opportunity to retain their teeth throughout their lifetime. Preventive measures, thorough home care, and high quality treatment make it possible for almost all people to retain their natural teeth with optimum health, function, comfort and esthetics. Our goal is to bring our patient's oral health and esthetics to this optimum level. All patients are responsible for acquiring and maintaining good oral health. Our best efforts will prove inadequate without proper patient involvement in prevention.


To help make your visit to our office as pleasant as possible, we provide a variety of comfort accessories. Analgesia such as nitrous oxide is provided when requested or recommended for specific procedures. Headphones are available allowing individualized music choices from our collection or yours. A movie with virtual Iglasses is also available from one of our choices or your own. Our rooms look out over a tranquil garden with wild life, trees, flowers and an art sculpture. The sculpture is "Shaman of the Benediction" by Bill Worrell.




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