Sensitive Teeth Due to Aggressive Tooth Brushing

The Academy of General Dentistry conducted a nationwide survey which concluded that 1 out of 3 dentists polled stated that aggressive tooth brushing is the most common cause of sensitive teeth. Acidic foods and beverages were listed second.  The AGD listed dentin hypersensitivity as a common oral condition affecting approximately 40 million Americans.  If the harder enamel layer of a tooth erodes, a softer dentin tissue which connects to the tooth’s inner nerve center is left exposed.  A patient could experience such symptoms as discomfort or sharp sudden pain triggered by hot, cold, sweet, and sour foods/drinks and even by a rush of cold air.  Other factors may also contribute to sensitivity such as a cracked tooth or acid reflux.  Detecting enamel erosion early on can prevent other dental issues in the future.  Please call to make an appointment if you would like to meet with Dr. Jones to discuss any sensitivity issues you may be having to find a treatment plan that is right for you.

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