SCHEDULING TODDLERS FOR DENTAL VISITS – Research shows that more than 40% of children have tooth decay by the time they reach kindergarten.  Dental experts recommend parents schedule their toddlers a dental appointment by age one in order to help prevent tooth decay.

Studies have shown that if children develop tooth decay in their primary teeth, they are more likely to develop tooth decay in their permanent teeth.  Early oral health is the foundation to prevent future tooth decay.  The purpose of the initial visit is to introduce the toddler to the dentist and provide preventative care of primary teeth for the parent to insure the permanent teeth are healthy.

Taking a proactive approach at an early age can make a difference that will last a life time.

A few tips for oral health care in toddlers:

1 Move your toddler off the bottle as soon as possible.

2.  Never put your child to sleep with a bottle with anything but water in it.

3. Start brushing their teeth as soon as they appear. 

4.  Limit the intake of sugar – experts suggest sugar sweetened beverages should not be consumed throughout the day 

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