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We look forward to your first visit because it is important to get to know each other - for you as our patient and for us as your dental health care professional. Creating a good relationship is critical to reaching our common goals of improving and maintaining your dental health.

Except emergency cases, patients new to our Dental Family, both children and adults, will receive a thorough examination of the teeth and soft tissue as well as a review of your medical history. Radiographic (x-ray) examination of all teeth and root areas will be done to evaluate the hard structures of the face and jaw. Each tooth will be examined for decay, cracks, defective restorations and health. Dr. Jones will then review all findings with you and discuss treatment recommendations. With your input, a final treatment plan is developed and printed out for you along with cost estimates. Our Dental Hygienist will clean and polish your teeth, and apply topical fluoride treatment.

You can expect from us:

   1. A high degree of professional skill and ability
   2. A dedication to your oral health care
   3. A minimization of costly reconstructive work through proper preventive care
   4. The highest effort to make your visits as comfortable as possible
   5. The right treatment at the right time
   6. Sterile environment and instruments
   7. Fees that are fair and just for the services provided

PATIENT FORMS - for your convenience we have provided all of the information in our new patient packet here.


Your child's first dental visit should be at the age of two. It is beneficial to discuss oral health at home so that your child knows the reason for visits to our office. Please do not complicate your child's dental health by making his/her first appointment for emergency treatment. We prefer:

   1. Early appointments for children because they are more receptive during the morning hours
   2. Parents to remain in the reception room
   3. Topical fluoride treatments

We will be happy to make your child a "happy visit" appointment at which we take extra time to familiarize them with the office, treatment rooms, and what will happen during their appointment.

As always, please call the office and speak to our professional team if you should have any questions. We want our relationship to be mutually satisfying and beneficial so we ask that at any time you have a question about any treatment (proposed or performed), fee for service, or a member of our "Dental Team", that you feel comfortable discussing it with us.


Patient Education:  Please review the collection of videos at and articles on various dental procedures at


Post-Op Perio Treatment.pdf
Post-Op Fillings & Bonding.pdf
Post-Op Crowns, Veneers, Bridges.pdf
Post-Op Endodontic (Root Canal) Treatment.pdf
Post-Op Extractions.pdf
Post-Op Lumineers.pdf
Fluoride Varnish Directions.pdf